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iPhone SE 2020 Akku


It is an iPhone SE 2020 battery with a TI chip (Texas Instruments chip). This ensures that the new battery can be properly read by the iPhone and that the capacity display is precisely displayed in the settings. All iPhone SE 2020 batteries have class A cells and of course have a CE mark. The battery is produced by the original manufacturer without the Apple logo and sent to us via a supplier.

Possible symptoms of a defective iPhone SE 2020 battery:

– The iPhone SE 2020 switches itself off during use. If you then switch it on again, a serious difference can be seen in the percentage of the battery charge
– the iPhone SE 2020 can no longer be charged above a certain percentage charge level, often only 1%.
– The battery indicator jumps up and down within minutes
– The iPhone SE 2020 switches off, wants to be charged and as soon as it is connected to the charging cable or
docks to the respective wireless charger , it boots up immediately and shows a partially charged one or almost empty battery

Important NOTE:

An increasingly weaker battery is definitely noteworthy,
because the battery can inflate in the iPhone, pushing the display out of the case
and thus causing considerable damage to your iPhone SE 2020.

Sustainability is the future!

Of course, the option of not owning a phone is the most sustainable solution, but it is hard to imagine an “under-electricity society” without it.
Therefore the idea is to prevent factors of overproduction of superfluous products and to understand this as the new goal.

If you have difficulties installing your iPhone SE 2020 battery, please do not hesitate to contact us. For an extra charge of only 29 €, our experts will install a new iPhone SE 2020 battery in your iPhone on the same day, if you arrange an appointment in advance. After only a short wait, you will get your iPhone back and you can enjoy it to the full again. To get in touch with us, you can reach us by phone or write to us via WhatsApp and use the contact form .

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